Travel Web Site User Experience 2013

In April 2013, Change Sciences asked users to interact with leading sites that support booking a hotel room and share their experiences. Hotel sites lag behind online travel agencies.

Currently Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz outperform other sites supporting booking hotel rooms by a significant margin., Hilton, Hyatt, Kayak, Oyster, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Priceline, Starwood Hotels, Hipmunk, AirBnB, all fall behind the top three online travel agencies.

The following figure compares the user experience scores for hotel and OTA web sites to a sample of other verticals in the Change Sciences datasets.

Hotel booking sites, as a group, trail behind top sites for usability and engagement. There is also significant variation for user experience of hotel booking sites, with hotel sites lagging behind the OTA sites.

Task success rate is a key component of usability. The following chart compares the hotel site with the top success rate, Hyatt, with the site with the poorest success rate, Marriott.

Many participants found the Mariott site hard to navigate. According to one user, “The site had a strange flow and it was a little weird to work with.  If you are in a hurry, then it is not the greatest time saver.”

Other metrics tracked by the Change Sciences datasets include time on task, perceived engagement, likelihood to recommend, and more than 15 others.


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