The Emotional Journey

Engaging with TV shows is emotional. Together with our client we charted the emotional journey across channels and touch points.

Bubble chart of happiness and likelihood to return

The Challenge

We were charged with understanding powerful emotional touch points, positive or negative, that would create a stronger relationship with our client’s base. A large entertainment company, our client wanted to deepen the relationship with their audience across TV, computer, smartphone, and connected home.


Drawing inspiration from our client’s knowledge about audience behavior, we designed a series of interviews and observations aimed at the emotional side of things. Working collaboratively, we created a model of the emotional journey for several key audiences, looking toward opportunities for innovation.


The outcome was to provide a way of visualizing the emotions and understanding the stories. We delivered a journey map that included:

  • An emotional blueprint, detailing the emotions related to each point in the journey
  • Narratives illustrating each key moment
  • Moment-by-moment flows for each persona

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