Pharmaceutical Web Site User Experience 2013

In April 2013, Change Sciences asked allergy sufferers to interact with leading allergy medicine sites and share their experiences. Compared to other types of sites, allergy web site visitors are among the least engaged.

The top 3 sites were Zetonna, Nasonex, and Omnaris. Other sites included in this research: Allegra, Benadryl, Claritin, Neo-Synephrine, and Sudafed.

The following figure compares the user experience scores for pharma web sites to a sample of other verticals in the Change Sciences datasets. Usability is shown on the x axis; likelihood to convert is shown on y. The size of the dot shows the extent of user engagement.

Pharma sites have average usability and likelihood to convert, but are among the least engaging sites on the web. No single pharma web site or group of sites stands out as dramatically more engaging than other pharma sites. The opportunity for one pharma site to break away from the rest and really engage users is great.

One metric that is a component of usability is task success rate. The following chart compares the site with the top success rate, Nasonex, with the site with the poorest success rate, Zyrtec.

Many participants found the Zyrtec site hard to navigate. According to one user, "I was unimpressed, hard to navigate and find what you are looking for." (Female, Gen X, Wired, Striver)

Other metrics tracked by the Change Sciences datasets include time on task, perceived engagement, likelihood to recommend, and more than 15 others.


This research is based on our Change Sciences datasets. Our technology and process make it possible to see and compare how sites perform for usability, engagement, and likelihood to convert. Through comparisons we are able to identify user experience performance gaps in a new and powerful way. We are able to reveal design patterns that build trust and compel people to action. And, we are able to set and track performance targets against peers and the best sites on the web.

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