Our Services

Future foresight meets design thinking.

Technology doesn't mean much in a vacuum. When we envision the future of a product or service, the context is the tricky part. Design thinking is a sprint to next year, or even next month. Science fiction leaps ahead to the far future, and often that future is grim. How do we work out that murky middle ground—the future that will be our everyday lives in 5 years, or the lives of our children in 20 years? That's what we are more than a little obsessed with trying to figure out. You probably are too. Let's work on it together.

Services, The Short Story

  • Workshops and masterclasses to learn future foresight and next-gen research methods
  • Coaching for individuals or teams, usually over the course of a project
  • Experiential sessions to introduce new techniques for fun and profit
  • Speaking, from festivals to conferences to corporate retreats, as mass motivation or intimate conversation
  • Design research, at every phase from exploratory to generative to evaluative

Make Change Happen

Be the change you want to see in the world, and don't forget to (hyper)loop us in. We can help.