How Generation Z is Changing Technology

June 15th, 2015

  Pamela Pavliscak

Generation Z, loosely defined as those 17 and under, is the largest generation yet. While Zs aren't fully realized (they are kids after all), early indicators show that this generation is exceptionally diverse, tolerant, and entrepreneurial.

In some ways, Zs aren't so different from youth of any other generation. They want to escape the watchful eye of grown-ups. They don't want to be like their parents, or even their older siblings. They want to strike out on their own and change the world.

Generation Z is unique in one important way though—technology. This is the first generation to grow up with touch screens, social media, and pervasive Internet. Zs are redefining our conflicted relationship with technology. Here are two presentations that look at how Gen Z points us toward the future.

Sparks & Honey's popular deck is a broad wrap-up of trends for this generation, touching on families, friendships, food, and, of course, technology. Full of great statistics and thought-provoking ideas.

My latest research is inspired by this generation and their (mostly) positive outlook on technology. Through observations, interviews, diaries, and social media data, this deck looks at how Zs amplify current tech trends.

Zs are seamlessly weaving technology into every aspect of everyday life. This generation is questioning our assumptions about the role of technology and shaping how we will use it to change our world.

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