Consumer Bank Web Site User Experience 2014

Change Sciences compared thirteen top consumer bank web sites by analyzing what people did while exploring the sites and how they felt about the experience.

With more and more people banking online, bank web sites need to support modern banking needs while not neglecting the basics, such as accessing account fees and rates. The 2014 data shows that while many banks do a decent job of presenting online banking services, they need to improve how they answer basic questions to support decision-making.

This year, Ally and USAA tied for the top sites in the study, both scoring 10% better overall than the worst site in the study. For both sites, people cited the ease of finding account details and access to tools that provided immediate value as important drivers behind their greater reported likelihood to apply for an account. When looking for bank accounts, transparency in account details and tools that provide value have a big influence on how likely people are to take action.

The above chart compares consumer bank sites (shown as blue circles) for usability, engagement and conversion in the context of a sample of datasets in other verticals (shown as gray circles). Poor usability is still a major barrier to conversion on many bank sites. In the full report learn more about what top performers do well and how bottom performers fall short, and what it means for crafting a better user experience.


Change Sciences research maps user experience to metrics for usability, engagement, and conversion. We combine objective metrics, or what people actually did, with subjective metrics, or what people said, in each of the three categories. Studies are conducted using the Change Sciences Chemistry app to capture participants’ interactions and opinions.

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