Chemistry is a platform for understanding how people experience technology.

We're not a software company. We're insight makers. But we've always created tools to understand user experience in new ways. This has evolved into what we now call Chemistry.

We created Chemistry to make sense of experience holistically. Chemistry helps us to collect data about motivations, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. We certainly identify problems, but by focusing on the principles of positive design, we help our clients optimize for customer happiness.

Like all the research we do, Chemistry mixes quantitative and qualitative methods to give us hybrid insights. Chemistry shows interactions in aggregate like analytics, and on an individual level like an in-depth interview.

We believe that positive technology is more than just apps to track mood or health, it applies to every site. Feeling happy about an experience is a strong predictor of future positive actions like returning, recommending, or purchasing. We curate a dataset of more than 300 high traffic sites across a range of industries. This means we are constantly learning about what makes a positive experience, and sharing that with our clients and the design community.

Bubble chart of happiness and likelihood to return

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